Foodie Nation, we’re back.

Foodie Nation, we're back.
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You simply don’t know when you don’t know…

With that being said, we now know more than we thought we would ever know a year ago. You may be thinking, “These gentleman took sometime off and got distracted”. Au contraire. These gentleman decided to put their heads together to learn, grow, and develop not only themselves, but their business model.
So, allow me to reintroduce the love of my life, Dine and Ditch. It’s not a daily deal company, not a restaurant rating company, nor a restaurant menu company. There are no lists upon lists in our app.
Dine and Ditch is your Mobile Waiter. It is your gateway to seeing the best entrees from the best restaurants in major metropolitan areas. We’ll save you time by allowing you to prepay for your favorite entrees. Yep!  That means no more waiting in line at some place you didn’t feel like eating at anyway. We’ll also be helping you save money because every week is Restaurant Week on Dine and Ditch! Yep, ordering food via your smart phone has never been sexier.
Your friends, family, and Nate are always taking gorgeous pictures of food at the lovely restaurants where they are dining. What if you could keep track of all the tasty things your friends, family, and Nate are eating and buy them so you can enjoy them too? Dine and Ditch is your personal foodie journal, allowing you and your friends to share the yummy foods you’re nomming on via the app, along with some other nice features. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to see what your friends are eating, tap the image, and buy it!
We are partnered with a superb mobile application development company based in NYC managed by Stephen Jackson and international marketing firm Urban Force. We have successfully raised some capital, however Dine and Ditch’s potential cannot be limited to what we have raised thus far. Needless to say we are locked and loaded, prepared to do what’s necessary to feed the world!
Dine and Ditch Ambassadors
We can’t do this alone though. Our objective is to create a mobile app that has hundreds of entrees. We can’t possibly get pictures of all of these entrees without help. Foodie nation, we are calling upon you to help transform the way people look at food, buy food, and interact with each other about food!

We are looking for qualified iPhone 4/4s wielding foodies to work with us by doing what you do best, eating and snapping pictures of wonderfully delectable dishes. Not only do you get to eat out on us, but vitaminwater ® will be hydrating you too!  To apply to become a DnD Ambassador CLICK HERE.

Written by CEO, Nate Nichols

Your Mobile waiter shall be arriving early summer… Stay tuned for our release date and all the fun, food-filled antics! | | |  Instagram: @DineandDitch



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