Fashion tips for the male and female foodie.

Fashion Tips For The Foodie Wardrobe

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By Ming Hu

Foodies are probably the most stylish people on the planet. Maybe it’s the sophisticated palates that help our eye for sophisticated style.

However, style usually translates to uncomfortable clothing especially after a feast.

I have to admit I’ve been known to loosen my belt or unbutton my pants after a tasting menu at some bouchey restaurant.  Sometimes I dine in sweats, however that ensemble is always a problem post meal when I’d have to partake in activities like hitting up a club or going to a lounge. I’ve since grown up and have become a little more fashion forward for the sake of my dining partners.

Every foodie should have a set of default “eating clothes” that they entrust for any serious food session from weddings, to food festivals, to company parties, to business dinners. There is no reason for our clothing to feel like sausage casing.

Here are the key pieces for the male and lady foodie closet. You can finally eat in comfort and look great for work, play, and feasting.

The Male Foodie

For the guys, a pair of great dress pants fit any occassion, but how about a pair of dress pants made from sweat pants!? They’re so comfortable you can sleep in them which means your belly is free to expand in them without restriction.  These Dress Pant Sweatpants by BetaBrand should rid the muffin top look. No more spilling over!

The Lady Foodie

Lady foodies got it good. Dresses are the best way to allow for limitless belly expansion without sacrificing style. Go for high-waist or empire-waist dresses. Make sure they pull away from the body. Anything body hugging is a no no! You’ll definitely look like sausage casing. Darker colors are better because they’re slimming. The examples below are from Old Navy and Nordstrom.

Eating in comfort is key to experiencing all that food can offer. No need to thank me. Really, not seeing any more walking sausage casings is enough for me.

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