About Us

Dine and Ditch Team

Jon Curtis, Julian Ray, Nate Nichols & Michael Johnson-Brooks

In dedication to the Foodie Nation, meet Dine and Ditch, your Mobile Waiter. The name alone could be a clear representation of how the company might function, However, “there is a certain good spirited, fun side attached to every fiber of the way Dine and Ditch operates, that can only be realized through user experience” says Julian Ray (Co-Founder and Vice President). But as far as words can describe, Dine and Ditch is a mobile application that acts as a marketing platform for restaurants. It serves as a liaison between you, your friend’s meals and the entrees your stomach suggests you go devour right now!

70% of all restaurant walk-in traffic derives from customer recommendations, but how do restaurateurs efficiently track and cost effectively spur consumers to recommend initially? More than half of the total 80 billion photos uploaded annually to the web are food related; in those 40 billion photos lies opportunity. Generally, the standard paths restaurateurs travel to raise their “brand’s awareness” and “customer traffic volume” fall within the category of “standard forms of advertisement”. Direct mail, TV ads, posters, pamphlets, etc. However, it’s no secret that these forms of marketing are increasing in cost and diminishing in effectiveness. Dine and Ditch solves this issue by providing a POS system between restaurants and consumer conversation, allowing restaurant owners the leverage both “Direct Sharing”, and Prix fixe menu up selling with course values. 


How the Mobile Waiter got started

Being that the 3 Founders of Dine and Ditch are all under the age of 25, their success story is quite compelling. During the latter years of their teenage lives and the beginning of their 20′s, they built business together and developed a chemistry that would render a sales team of over 200 people who would help them acquire hundreds of customers throughout the nation. After 17 years of combined sales experience, they decided to utilize their resources, contacts and abilities to devise their own company, in a field they all shared a passion for. Food.


“Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easy pass line for ordering lunch when you have more work to do?” In December of 2010, Nate Nichols (Co-Founder & CEO), thought the same thing while enjoying his fast paced lifestyle in Center City Philadelphia. He soon called his partners and asked, “If there were a way you could Dine and Ditch legally, would you?” They responded with a unanimous, “Yes”. After the brief conversation, the idea was hatched. Through months of study, testing, eating, planning and preparation, they created the ideal business model to fit the digital age. A personal waiter from the convenience of your mobile device that allows you to quickly view, share, reserve, and prepay for the diverse entrees surrounding the metropolis.