Become a  Dine and Ditch Ambassador

Do you get 30+ “likes” on Instagram or Facebook when you post a Nommy food pic? Well, we at Dine and Ditch would like to commend you for your natural iPhone 4s photo snapping skills.  

Duck Egg rolls by @the_nichols

We are looking for hungry, talented, iPhone 4s slinging foodies for one reason and one reason only. To make all their tummies dreams come true.  We would like you — you iPhone 4s wizard,  aspiring popular page phenom, tasteful, driven foodie  to take  awesome, really good pictures for us  to place in our mobile app.

 Pictures of what you ask? FOOD!

 Understand this club isn’t for anyone, millions of people own iPhones. However, only a few know how to truly wield the light saber like powers of the iPhone 4s. We are looking to qualify DnDBA’s to take gorgeous, super cool pictures of food and what do we give in return, you ask?  


- Access, you are apart of the team and the club. You must understand composition, aesthetics and genuinely LOVE FOOD.

2 - FOOD! Lots and Lots of Food! Like, a whole lot of food, tasty food might I add.


3 - We also have cool Perks we are giving away to DnDAs for every restaurant that contracts with Dine and Ditch through the DnDA!

We are accepting applicants for Brand Ambassadors in the following major cities.

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • New York, NY


  • Must own an iPhone 4s  
  • 18 or older
  • Proof of skills – must prove that you’re an iPhone 4s photog phenom. Place your instagram account info below or email the 5 best food pics to  
  • $25 (after qualifying. This pays for handy dandy iPhone 4s light.)