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Dating & Dining For Foodies

By Ming Hu

As foodies, finding a lover who can keep up with our culinary adventures is a bit of a feat. Understanding a potential partner’s foodiewin and foodiefail patterns really reveal pivotal things about a person that you would never uncover while watching a movie, bowling, or whatever people do on dates nowadays. For instance, I had a Korean-American friend who went on a few dates with a woman who is a vegetarian.  He was head over heels for her, but there was a huge lifestyle and cultural disparity. His cultural palate consists mostly of beef and she’d never touch that.  He had to think long and hard about what to do. They finally went separate ways because culture and lifestyle were just too important to him, and understandably so.

Most of the time apples go with apples. A vegan is less likely to date a fervent carnivore. I’m not saying it’ll never happen – I do believe love is blind and incredibly stupid sometimes – I’m just saying my odds of dating a vegan are probably next to nil because I doubt he’d want to kiss my red meat stained lips and I’m disinterested in his broccoli breath.  Besides, he’d never be able to give me a bouquet of bacon roses. That’s a relationship fail for me. I know you vegans want to barf right now – I apologize if the below picture offends you.

Regardless of your food affiliations and preferences, food is a lifestyle.  As foodies, we want a partner in crime who jives with that lifestyle and catapults our palates to leaps and bounds. As cliche as this sounds, there is no denying that the foodie mantra is “Live to eat, not eat to live”. Life will be more enjoyable with someone who just understands our taste buds.

When I think of love and food, Disney Pixar’s movie Ratatouille always comes to mind. There is a scene in which Remy explains the joy, pleasure, and experience of savoring the unlikely, but surprisingly complementary and complex combination of flavors. As he chews, Remy is surrounded by vibrant colors and fireworks, while his brother chomps on garbage. I don’t want a man who chomps on garbage. I prefer to see blinding, epileptic colors with my lover over foods Andrew Zimmern would devour. Am I right fellow foodies?

 ”How do I find my future food monster soul mate?”, you ask. There are many channels available online to help you find foodie love. In no particular order, here are a few I suggest trying:

1 HowAboutWe - The profile is an easy one to fill out. It’s quick and painless. Once you’re done, you can immediately post a date idea. You can post any restaurant you’d like or a cuisine and it’ll be broadcasted to the HowAboutWe community. It’s also known as Eater Dating. They also have a mobile app to keep yourself up to date with your broadcasts.


Here’s one for an example:

If you’re a little bashful about broadcasting, you can also search for other peoples’ broadcasts and pick and choose a date idea you like:

OkCupid also has a similar feature allowing you to broadcast a date or meet-up idea. First you set your location then you can freely broadcast to the universe of users around you. You can also see broadcasts people have posted and respond to them asap. The feature is fun to use on your smartphone because it pings you when someone has responded to your request, so you can freely text in real time.

3 Another way to meet a potential date is Grubwithus. It’s actually a group dining experience, so, although you’re not on a one on one date, who knows who you’ll meet. A member of the community broadcasts a potential dining experience. Interested parties join the meal by booking individual reservations and prepaying for the meal, but you won’t be charged until 4 or more people join. Like the sites above, you can also create a meal you like if nothing strikes your fancy, but no one ever gets charged until enough people join. The meal price, tax and gratuity are included, so you just show up to the meal, enjoy the food, have a blast, and leave with new friends or a potential lover. Here’s a disclaimer though, meal prices increase per reservation, so the earlier you book, the cheaper it is.

4 Speed Plating isn’t exactly up and running yet, but you get the idea. Speed dating and fooding all at once. I like the idea. If your 4 minute date is a definite turn off, you can, at least, focus on your food. For more details you can check out this Esquire article.

No matter which site you decide to try, just have fun! Expand your taste buds and have a great time! If you have success stories, we’d love for you to share! Mortifying, awkward dating experiences? We love those too!

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The Great GoogaMooga Festival, Brooklyn

By Ming Hu

It’s a beautiful weekend and the sun is out. What to do, what to do…

Well, there’s THE GREAT GOOGAMOOGA FESTIVAL in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park going on today and tomorrow (May 19 & 20). Tickets are actually sold out, but there are extra tickets available at the gate.

Why should you partake in this GoogaMooga Fest? Well, in addition to having a ridiculously fun event name, there are also 75 food vendors, 35 brewers, 30 winemakers, and 20 live music performers in attendance.  I’d like to think of it as Woodstock for the foodies.

Source: Gothamist

Your foodie orgy includes, but not limited to:

Arancini Bros • Baked • Baohaus • The Big Banana • Big Gay Ice Cream • Blue Ribbon • Brindle Room • Brooklyn Soda Works • The Burger Joint • Calexico • Char No. 4 • Co. • Cookin’ With Coolio • Colicchio & Sons • Craft • Crawfish Monica • Crif Dogs • DBGB Kitchen and Bar • Dickson’s Farmstand Meats • Dinosaur Bar-B-Que • Dirty Bird To Go • Do or Dine • DuMont Burger • Frankies 457 Spuntino • Eat Me Sweetly • Free Bread • Gatherer’s Granola • Georgia’s Eastside BBQ • Hill Country Barbecue Market • James • Joe • Joe’s Pizza • Joseph Leonard • Juice Press • Kasadela • Katzie Guy-Hamilton of New York Central • Kombucha Brooklyn • Kutsher’s Tribeca • The Lobster Place • Landhaus • La New Yorkina • Liddabit Sweets • Little Muenster • Luke’s Lobster • Maharlika • M. Wells • The Meat Hook • Melt Bakery • Mile End • Millefeuille Bakery Cafe • Momofuku Milk Bar • Mother-In-Law’s Kimchi • Num Pang Sandwich Shop • people’s pops • Porchetta • Red Hook’s El Olomega Pupusas • Red Rooster Harlem • Roberta’s • Russ & Daughters • Saxelby Cheesemongers • Seersucker • Simply Chicken by Jean-Georges • South Brooklyn Pizza • Souvlaki GR • The Spotted Pig • Sugarbuilt Cookies • Sullivan St Bakery • Third Rail Coffee • Tia Pol • Vinegar Hill House • Variety Cafe • Wooly’s

Amazing? I know.

The music line-up is pretty impressive too. You can sway to the beats while you recover from your food coma.


The Roots • Holy Ghost! • Preservation Hall Jazz Band • The Pedrito Martinez Group • Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens • Bear Hands • Unknown Mortal Orchestra • Unchained “the Mighty Van Halen Tribute” • Fort Lean


Daryl Hall & John Oates • Fitz & the Tantrums • Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires • Escort • Lez Zeppelin • Peelander-Z • We Barbarians • Lucius

GoogaMooga Festival

Why are you still here reading this? Go go go!!!


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Madison Square Eats Spring 2012

By Ming Hu

April showers bring May Madison Square Eats…food avalanche. Any other time Worth Square is just a tiny, forgettable pedestrian space on 24th and 5th, but from May 4th to June 1st, it’s an impressive display of some of the city’s most popular eateries.  I admit, I’m not one for food festivals as the crowds and lines for food make me angry and lose my appetite, but the energy at Madison Square Eats is euphoric and mouthwatering.

Madison Square Eats 2012

Most of the vendors serve fancy wine and beer too – total foodiewin. You’d think that in such a small space, these eateries would have limited and boring menus, but then you’d be terribly, terribly wrong. The selection and variety are so eclectic and vast that you’ll find yourself circling tiny Worth Square a few times while the paradox of choice kills you internally. Once you’ve grudgingly made a decision and paid for your food at one stand, you’ll see something someone else is eating and cry with buyer’s remorse. Luckily, Madison Square Eats will be around every day from 11am to 9pm, so you can try anything and everything a few times over.

Madison Square Eats 2012

Members of Madison Square Eats Team 2012:

Antica Focacceria
Arancini Bros.
Bar Suzette
Birch Coffee
Graffiti | Mehtaphor
Hong Kong Street Cart
Hot Blondies Bakery
La Sonrísa
Macaron Parlour
Mayhem & Stout
Mighty Balls
Mile End
Momofuku Milk Bar
Nunu Chocolates
People’s pops
Red Hook Lobster Pound
Roberta’s Pizza
Snowflower Ice
Stuffed Artisan Cannolis

I often venture to Madison Square Eats for a second lunch, coffee break, pre-dinner snack, and a post dinner bite. Most recently, I tried the Pork Belly Buns from Hong Kong Street Cart which were really 50% fat, but I wasn’t complaining. The fatter, the better. It was moist, savory, and smoky.

Hong Kong Street Cart Pork Belly

The Shaved Ice from Sunflower Ice was very different from any shaved ice I’ve had before. Instead of a pile of snow, I found sheets of smooth, soft, and creamy ice. The ice resembled so much like sheets that I almost returned it to the food stand because I thought they mistakenly put wet napkins in my dessert.  I almost had an “OMG, EW” moment, but I came to my delicious senses. I don’t know how they do it, but it was really good.

Shaved Ice

Next, I dived into the Nero di Seppia from Arancini Brothers, a deep fried, lightly breaded squid ink risotto ball with spicy shrimp filling. The filling wasn’t at all spicy, but it was perfectly cooked inside – moist, flavorful, and chewy. Nothing was missing. It was perfect as is. It kind of tasted like a familiar Chinese dish, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Nero di Seppia Arancini Bros.

I can’t wait to try all the other goodies during the next few weeks! That’s right, I said weeks. If you see a woman gorging on food, with her pants looking slightly tighter each day, that’s probably me.  Come say hi and tell me what’s your favorite thing from the menus.

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Beyond Takeout, 215 Centre Street

Source: MOCA

Source: MOCA

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner and likely everyone will be out enjoying the annual Mexican fanfare. However, if you’re thinking of doing something different this year and dodging the drunken debauchery, join the Young Professionals of MOCA for “Beyond Takeout: A Culinary History Of Chinatown.”  Not only will the event highlight food, but it will also highlight many of the stories of Chinatown.

Source: The Bowery Boys

Source: The Bowery Boys

As described on MOCA‘s website, “there are stories of legacy: Chinatown’s sons and daughters who grow up to be entrepreneurs and restaurateurs. Stories of diversity: the flavors of China’s regional cuisines converging in New York City. And stories of evolution: a constant weaving between the classic and modern, the old and the new”.

In addition to an engaging history lesson while touring Manhattan Chinatown, you’ll also be able to indulge in tasty foods from popular eateries, partake in some wine tasting, and mingle with other foodies.

Luckily, the foodie party doesn’t stop on the day of the tour. You’ll leave with a special VIP-like card with exclusive offers for the entire month of May, in celebration of Asian American Heritage month.

Source: Newsday

Perks include a free admission to MOCA for the month of May, a chance to enter a raffle for two tickets to the Museum’s First Annual Celebration of Community Heroes dinner on   May 16 (total value: $300), and discounts from May 5 through May 31 at the following establishments:

Hong Kong Station (45 Bayard & 45 Division Street)
Red Egg (202 Centre Street)
Nom Wah (13 Doyers Street)
Quickly (11 Pell Street)
Won Ton Garden (79 Mulberry Street)
Kung Fu Tea (234 Canal Street)
Harney & Sons (433 Broome Street)

Reserve your spot here and applaud yourself for thinking outside the burrito this Cinco de Mayo.

By Ming Hu

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Hester Street Fair, Hester & Essex Streets

By Ming Hu

Don’t miss the OPENING DAY CELEBRATION of the Hester Street Fair on SATURDAY, APRIL 28TH! This isn’t your ordinary flea market – this is your flea market on steroids. While taking a stroll in good ol’ LES, checking out the vintage goods and classic crafts, mingling with the designers and artists, you can also indulge on the fantastic foodie line-up. It’s said that the third season of the Hester Street Fair will be bigger and better than ever and that is obvious by the menus! Food vendors from all over Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn will be at your disposal. It’s your New York food tour without traveling all over the boroughs. No matter if you’re a fervent vegan, proud omnivore, or a sugar addict, you will find your niche.

Hester Street Fair, Hester & Essex Streets (NYC)

Saturday Foodie Team includes Pies ‘n’ Thighs, La Sonrisa, Luke’s Lobster, Mighty Balls, Sour Puss Pickles, We Rub You, White Belly Pizza, and many more.

The Hester Street Fair will be open every Saturday from 10am-6pm from APRIL 28th to OCTOBER 27th, so if you can’t make it this weekend, don’t fret my fellow foodies!